About Sukkahmart Sukkahmart is a family run business. We sell essentials products for the Sukkot Festival in many countries around the world. Our unique approach is that we take a personal interest in ensuring the best quality of products are offered to our customers. We are personally involved in the sourcing, picking, sorting and choosing of the Lulav & Etrog Sets as well as ensuring they arrive at their various destinations fresh and on time. We also develop and manufacture Custom Modular Sukkahs and aim to improve our Sukkah designs annually and to adapt them to each country considering various needs and climates. We produce our own Bamboo Schach and improve it constantly to make it more durable and last longer each year. We are continually adding services and products to our range and have improved our online order system to make it easier for our customers to purchase. We hope to continually improve and be able to offer our clients the best range of products and services for Sukkot Festivals for many years to come.